Achieving major breakthrough in ChaetoPrime production!

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Achieving major breakthrough in ChaetoPrime production!

Good production results allow us to set new prices for our ChaetoPrime product range

At the end of last year, we were proud to announce our new CHAETOPRIME product.


ChaetoPrime is premium freeze dried Chaetoceros muelleri and is unique in this form.


Proviron is the sole producer of freeze dried Chaetoceros and we have experienced a lot of interest from shrimp and shellfish hatcheries worldwide.


We have been running in continuous production since the start and output results are very satisfactory. This means that we have surpassed the starting up phase and are able to provide consistent high quality product all year round.

For this reason we are pleased to announce that we are adjusting our selling price so to attract more users that can benefit from this exceptional product, offering:


  • constant high nutritional quality
  • easily redispersed single cells, nicely separated
  • well suspended cells remaining in the water column for extended period after rehydration
  • pathogen free microalgae
  • off the shelf available, easy to use product
  • a long shelf life


ChaetoPrime is the preferred algae to feed the early larval stages of penaeid shrimp and shellfish species. This diatom has a balanced nutritional profile containing all essential HUFA's such as EPA, DHA & ARA.

Please check the new prices on and order your first trial quantities!


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