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How to Use our algae solutions

Mixing instructions

Method A: Nannoprime

  • Add 10 to 50 g NannoPrime per liter seawater.
  • NannoPrime will easily disperse upon gentle agitation using a magnetic stirrer. If you do not have a magnetic stirrer, you can also use method B.
  • Allow to rehydrate for at least 5 minutes.

Method B: IsoPrime/ChaetoPrime

  • Add 10 to 50 g IsoPrime or ChaetoPrime per liter seawater.
  • Create a vortex first and then slowly add the IsoPrime to the water.
  • Blend during 1 minute with a blender.
  • Leave the product to rehydrate for 5 min and blend again for 1 minute. Blend another 30 sec for every 10 g suspended.
  • (Optional) sieve the suspension over a 50 µm sieve before feeding to the tanks.
  • The homogenised feed can be stored up to 48 hours at maximum 4 °C. Shake before use.
  • Feed the daily quantities in 4-6 rations or (semi-)continuously using peristaltic pumps.
  • Apply the correct feeding regime depending on your culture strategy to assure the best production output and water quality.

Preparation of the tank

  • Clean and disinfect the culture tank, airstones, air tubing prior to use (use e.g. 200 g/m³ active chlorine + detergent)
  • Disinfect the water of the tank with e.g. 5 g/m³ of active chlorine and aerate gently for 1 hour
  • Deactivate any remaining chlorine by adding 7 g/m³ sodium thiosulphate
  • Suspend airstones 15 cm above the tank floor, along the periphery and in the center to allow sedimentation and flushing of waste particles
  • Gentle aeration through the use of airstones: sufficient to keep the rotifers in suspension but at the same time allowing debris to sediment
  • The use of flock traps is advised to ensure a clean culture by the removal of waste floccules

Tank set up and optimal culture conditions

  • Temperature 25-28 °C
  • Salinity 20-25 ppt
  • Dissolved oxygen 5-7 ppm
  • NH4+ < 20 ppm; NH3 < 1 ppm
  • pH 7,5-8,5
  • aeration reasonably strong using airstones
  • batch culture: 3 days optimal, when water quality allows, a 4 day culture can be achieved

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