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Below are a couple of answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find your particular question answered, do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled people will definitely find a solution to most of your requests.

1.1 Do Prime microalgae have the same nutritional quality as live algae ?

As the cells are still intact the nutrition provided by dried cells is at least equal to the live alternative. Due to fully controlled production conditions, identical over time, the nutritional composition is much more stable and of constant high quality all year round. This is not the case with live algae, where environmental conditions will determine the final composition.

1.2 Are dried algae more expensive than pastes or other liquid forms?

In order to compare prices of different products, the only correct comparison is based on dry matter. Most of the pastes have a dry matter content between 8 – 15%. Prime algae are completely dry and thus much more concentrated. Prime algae are definitively competitive to pastes. In absolute cost the price will be up to 10x higher, but it is still less expensive based on dry weight. And that is without considering shipping costs!

1.3 Are the cells intact when they are fed and after immersion?

The algae are cultured under optimal conditions and harvested and freezedried as gentle as possible. The result is that the Prime algae are very easily redispersed in water to provide an algal suspension with nicely separated and intact cells. These cells will stay in suspension for at least 24 hours and as such be fully available for the feeding prey.

1.4 What is the water stability of the product after feeding?

Similarly as previous question, because of the intact cells and very good cell separation during rehydration there is low leaching and cells are kept in suspension very well.

1.5 How long can I keep the suspension, once the Prime algae are rehydrated ?

Once the algal suspension is prepared (10-50g/L), this suspension can be kept cool (fridge) for at least 24 hours. This means that the suspension only needs to be prepared once a day and used for several feedings per day.

1.6 Are you using any cryopreservative or other additives during the processing ?

No additives are used during the process. The final Prime microalgae are only consisting of pure algae.

1.7 What is the bacteriological profile of the product and once rehydrated ?

Very strict bacteriological monitoring is done and products are standardly checked on total bacterial count, Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium, ... and Vibrio. Since the start of our operations, we never found any pathogenic species or Vibrio species in our Prime algae. When used in live feed or larval tanks Vibrio proliferation does not increase, on the contrary.