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Microalgae production at Proviron


Microalgae are notorious for the many different compounds they can produce. They are highly acclaimed for their high levels of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and potent antioxidants. At the same time they are an abundant source of carbohydrates, proteins rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Often, they also possess antibacterial, antiviral and/or immune-stimulatory activity. And what’s more, they can be made to do so with unparalleled productivity and in a sustainable manner. In short, microalgae are the feedstock of the future.

This is a notion Proviron has taken very much to heart. The enthusiastic and resourceful Proviron team has researched and developed an efficient yet surprisingly simple method to grow these minuscule plants in such a way that their many interesting traits can be fully exploited.

Microalgae produced at Proviron are cultivated using the proprietary ProviAPT®, Proviron’s Advanced Photobioreactor Technology, a fundamental rethinking of the aerated vertical flat panel photobioreactor concept into a highly efficient method to grow microalgae. The ProviAPT® cultivation process is designed in such a way their many interesting properties can be fully exploited, while at all times product quality meets the highest standards.

Proviron algae are produced under the most stringently controlled conditions (HACCP and FCA certified by SGS (FCA certificate BE 01/1522.GF)). Media are prepared from inorganic food grade nutrients only. Our production facilities do not source from natural (salt) surface waters nor are located near them (or other potential (aquaculture) pathogen reservoirs). There are no fish, shrimp, shellfish or other aquatic organisms grown at or in the vicinity of the production facilities. Both media and air are sterilized. As a result our algae contain no heavy metals and pesticides, and are free of pathogens or any other undesired biological contaminants.
Proviron’s microalgae are produced without the addition of artificial preservatives. Microalgae are rich in carotenoids, polyphenols and α-tocopherols providing them with excellent antioxidant capacities. 

The algae are offered as freeze dried biomass and are shipped under protective atmosphere in a light and air tight recipient. Algae at Proviron are freeze dried in a way that warrants the longest shelf life, absence of nutrient leakage, maintenance of the correct lipid profiles and an ensured bioavailability of ω-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids. As the water activity of the product is prohibitively low for microbial growth and the algae are packed under protective atmosphere, the products can be stored at ambient temperature. When stored under the right conditions they can be kept for up to three years without decay of nutritional quality.

Proviron offers a product of constant superior quality that is readily available at any time.