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Proviron Microalgas Liofilizadas

Alimento para larvas de primera calidad

Ahorre tiempo y aumente su capacidad de producción

Do not allow your in house algae production to jeopardize your core business, be it growing fish or shrimp larvae, or cultivating oysters or clams. Live algae pose a risk to pathogen contamination that will cause your culture to crash. It is essential to your aquaculture or mariculture farm to eliminate every risk of contamination and to ensure a healthy production cycle.

Algae are needed:

  • In the larval stages of shrimp or prawn, and seacucumber or sandfish.
  • For rotifer enrichment to feed juveniles of species such as seabream, grouper, grey mullet, turbot and many more.
  • With filter-feeding organisms sush as oysters, clams and scallop.

The use of Proviron microalgae in larval rearing tanks significantly improves the overall health and survival rate and has a positive effect on bacterial communities. The algae are offered as freeze dried biomass and provide the longest shelf life, no nutrient leakage, optimal lipid profiles and an ensured bioavailability of Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

Main benefits

  • Guaranteed Pathogen free
  • Long shelf life: up to 36 months
  • Reduce contamination risk
  • Reduce production cost
  • Room temperature storage conditions
  • Single cell dispersion
  • Certified processing conditions
  • Off the shelf instant availability
  • World wide express delivery
  • Destacados

  • Proviron offers Nannochloropsis sp., Isochrysis aff. galbana "Tahitian strain" T-ISO and Chaetoceros muelleri all renowned for their EPA and/or DHA content. Other algae available are Tetraselmis suecica and Tetraselmis chuii, and Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana. We offer a product of constant superior quality that is readily available at any time.

    Significant discounts for large quantities. Apply for a discount code at [email protected]  or fill out the contact form .






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