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Why Proviron microalgae?

Proviron Prime microalgae help you to:

1. Avoid pathogen contamination risk

On the spot production of algae holds great risk for pathogen contamination. In house algae cultures are a major vehicle for Vibrio and pathogenic ciliates. Using live algae does not allow you to properly check for such contamination prior to feeding.

Our production facilities do not source from natural (salt) surface waters nor are located near them (or other potential (aquaculture) pathogen reservoirs). There are no fish, shrimp, shellfish or other aquatic organisms grown at or in the vicinity of our production facilities.

Proviron algae are further produced under the most stringently controlled conditions and continuously checked for the presence of pathogens (HACCP and FCA certified by SGS (FCA certificate BE 01/1522.GF)).

2. Cut production cost

How many of your staff are involved in algae production? What is the cost of the processing of the large volumes of water you need for your algae production. What about production losses due to lower survival rates related to poor algae quality?


3. Save time

How much time does your staff spend on growing algae? Growing and constantly monitoring your algae is a tedious job.

Why actually not switch to freeze dried algae all together? With hardly any hands-on work to prepare our microalgae products, you can save plenty of time. Time better spent taking care of your target species.


4. Avoid the consequences of algae culture crashes

Algae culture crashes happen, much more often than you would like and every time they come with great consequences. Your rotifers suffer or your shrimp larvae culture collapses.

Why take the risk? Proviron Prime freeze dried microalgae offer you a secure back up to such devastating mishaps. Straight from the shelf … at any time.


5. Ensure consistent premium nutritional quality

Are you sure your in house algae have the right nutritional profile all the time? Seasonal changes have serious impact on the nutritional quality. Very often growth circumstances at your hatchery are not ideal to reach optimal quality.

Proviron Prime microalgae are grown under optimised circumstances to guarantee a consistently high quality (high PUFA content, lipid profile, …). They are continuously controlled for quality and purity, and only released when all specifications are met. Processing by freeze drying also ensures that the nutritional profile remains unchanged throughout the storage period.

6. Simplify your time management

Not able to start the production cycle of your target species because your algae cultures are not ready yet?

No more postponing of the production campaign of your target species. Proviron Prime microalgae are available all the time.


7. Increase production capacity

In house algae cultivation takes a lot of space. All space and tanks you currently allocate for live algae production can be used to produce the target species.


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